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Dual Band Transmission , Quad Reception
Combined Repeater KG-DR1000
1 Learning Information
2 Connect Instructions for Combined Repeater

32RPT-SET, This function is using two mobile radios to program as a combined repeater. It is separated to one repeating receiver and one repeating two-way radio, which is connected by a eight-core double crystal cable through PC port of two mobile radios.
Repeating Receiver(RPT-RX): Only working for receiving as combined repeater
Repeating Two-Way Radio(TW-RPT): working for transmitting and receiving as combined repeater
① it works for receiving when receiving the compatible carrier ② it works for transmitting when getting the transmitting instruction from repeater One repeating receiver and one repeating two-way radio makes a directional repeater. Two mobile radios which is pre-programmed as repeating two-way radio make a bidirectional repeater.

>> Repeating tone is better to help learn the working status in time and efficiently. Please set it by MENU46.
>> Repeating Keep Timer is helping avoid frequent PTT press and release from message response. Keep time is permitting mobile radio keeping transmitting for specified time even after PTT of receiver releases. If there is no valid QT/DQT signals received, PTT of transmitter releases then. When QT/DQT signal disappears, it permits keeping transmitting for specified time. This function is only supported by programming software.

3 Configuration on combined repeater
1)MENU 30 Repeating Speaker Switch(RPT-SPK): Turn ON or OFF the speaker when repeating
2)MENU 31 Repeating PTT Switch(RPT-PTT): Permit PTT transmit through hand microphone when connected to repeater or not
3)MENU26(RX-CTCSS) and MENU27(RX-DCS) CTCSS/DCS for receiver in order to avoid interference.
4)Frequencies programming for Receiver and Transmitter In standby, press button 2, and input the specified frequency manually. Please make sure the frequency offset is at least 25K between transmitter and receiver. Please refer to the instructions of compatible mobile radios for other settings.
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