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China Disaster Prevention and Reduction Day , WOUXUN Holds Fire Fighting Drills

May 12th is the 16th China Disaster Prevention and Reduction Day, and this year's theme is "everyone talks about safety, everyone knows emergency response, and focuses on improving grassroots disaster prevention and avoidance capabilities" , WOUXUN invites professional teachers to explain daily fire prevention knowledge to employees and how to avoid and escape in the event of a fire

In the fire evacuation drill, a fire smoke simulator was placed at the entrance of the hallway. After everyone evacuated the building, a professional teacher explained the incorrect way of escaping just now and guided everyone on how to evacuate from a fire correctly

The professional teacher is explaining the connection essentials of fire water guns and allowing everyone to actually experience the firefighting process of water guns

WOUXUN has always implemented "continuous innovation to enrich communication". In the process of product innovation, we also do not forget safety production. Only safety production can continue to provide customers with stable and high-quality communication products, serving customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world


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