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foreign trade salesman

1.     Above CET-4, with good oral English expressionability;

2.     Familiar with international foreign tradebusiness processes and able to operate foreign trade business; Priority givento the walkie talkie industry;

3.    Having keen market observationability, excellent market analysis ability, market development ability, andbusiness negotiation ability and skills;

4.    Strong management and coordinationskills, communication skills, language expression skills, and teamwork spirit;

5、 Interested parties, please contact 15375719569, same WeChat account.

Project partners

Our company is currently seeking excellent project partners to further expand our business scope and increase market share. We hope to establish a cooperative relationship with you and work together to achieve a win-win goal.

1. Market promotion: Jointly participate in market analysis, product promotion, and brand building to enhance product awareness and market share.

2. Business cooperation; Collaborate on specific projects or fields, fully leverage the strengths of both parties, achieve resource complementarity and common development.

3. Innovative cooperation: jointly explore new business models and innovative solutions, and seek new opportunities and avenues for business growth.

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