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Shortcut Key Front Panel , Quad Bands Transmission , Car Mobile Radio KG-UV980P
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  • Dual Frequency Display, Dual Independant Operation System : Innovative design for monitoring two frequencies simultaneously, ensuring efficient communication
  • Eight Bands For Receiving , Four Bands (Including SW) For Transmitting : Wide coverage across various bands to meet diverse communication needs
  • Twin Band / Same Band Simultaneous Reception : Flexible handling of complex communication environments, never miss any critical information
  • 999 Memory Channels : Easily manage and access your frequently used channels
  • Detachable Front Panel and Radio Body : Adapts to different scenarios for enhanced operational convenience
  • QT / DOT Encoding and Decoding : Ensures secure and private communications
  • Customizable Non-standard CTCSS / DCS Settings : Personalized adjustments for more individualized options
  • Same Band Repeat on Two Combined Radios : Pairing two devices for same-band repeating transmissions
  • Dual Track And Multi-Way Loudspeakers : Clear audio output to maintain communication quality
  • Hand Microphone With DTMF And Loudspeakers : Easy to operate with better communication effect
  • Caller ID Display : Instantly identify callers to improve communication efficiency
  • DTMF Encoding And Decoding : More coding options to meet advanced communication needs
  • Multiple Scanning Modes : Flexibly choose the suitable channel scanning mode
  • Cross Band Repeater : Extend communication range, ensuring seamless interaction
  • Group Calls / All Calls / Selective Calls : Meets different communication scenarios
  • 8 Groups of Voice Scrambler : Protects your communication from being intercepted
  • Priority Channel Scanning : Automatically searches and locks on to important channels
  • APO Power Management : Smart power management to prolong battery life
  • Selectable Wide / Narrow Bandwidth : Choose the appropriate signal width as needed
  • Chinese or English Voice Guide : Barrier-free operation, convenient for all users
  • Automatic Temperature Detection : Continuously monitors the device's status for stable operation
  • Stun / Kill Function : Remote control for enhanced device security
  • Single Audio Pulse Frequency : Simplifies modulation process for clearer signals
  • Multiple Back Light Colors Selectable : Customize backlight color to your preference
  • Scan Channel Adding / Deleting : Flexibly adjust your scanning list for personalized settings
  • Grouping Channel Scanning : Efficient channel management for quick location
  • Multiple Cooling Fan Settings : Keeps the device in optimal working condition
  • Superheterodyne Receiver Type : High-performance receiver ensures stability and clarity in communications
   Frequency Range

   Suitable For Different Countries or Areas
   TX , FM
   26-29.995MHz / 50-53.995MHz
   136-174.995MHz / 400-479.995MHz
   RX , FM
   26-29.995MHz / 50-54.995MHz / 65-108MHz
   108-180.995MHz / 320-349.995MHz
   400-479.995MHz / 700-987.995MHz
   RX , AM

   Step 5.0 / 6.25 / 10 / 12.5 / 25 / 50 / 100 KHz
   Channel Number 999
   Work Mode F2D / F3E
   Operating Temperature -20℃~+60℃
   Voltage 13.8VDC±15%
   Antenna Impedance 50 Ω
   Weight 1438 G
   Size 140 x 44 x 207 MM
  Wide Narrow
   Adjacent Channel Selectivity ≤70dB ≤60dB
   Inter Modulation ≤65dB ≤60dB
   Spurious Response ≤70dB ≤70dB
   Audio Response +1~-3dB(0.3~3KHz) +1~-3dB(0.3~3KHz)
   Signal to Noise Ratio ≥45dB ≥40dB
   Audio Distortion ≤5%
   Audio Power Transceiver≤3w , Hand Microphone≤1w
   Sensitivity UHF/VHF:0.25µV(12dB SINAD)
  Wide Narrow
   Adjacent Channel Power ≥70dB ≥60dB
   Type of Modulation 16K F3E 11K F3E
   Spurious ≥60dB ≥60dB
   Signal to Noise Ratio ≥40dB ≥36dB
   Audio Response +1~-3dB(0.3~3KHz) +1~-3dB(0.3~3KHz)
   Output Power VHF( 5/10/25/50 W ) ,  UHF( 5/10/25/40 W )
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