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main function IP55 Waterproof
main function Voice Prompt
main function Low Battery Prompt
main function Busy Channel Lockout


main function Working Mode :U-V,V-U,V-V,U-U can be set freely
main function SOS Function
main function 1750Hz Burst Tone
main function DTMF Encoding Function
main function 105 Groups DCS/50 Groups CTCSS
main function Bright Flashlight Illumination
main function Band Can Be Set Freely: VHF TX-UHF RX or UHF TX-VHF RX
main function English Voice Guide
main function FM Radio
main function Wide/Narrow Bandwidth Selection(25KHz /12.5KHz )
main function Priority Channel Scan
main function High/Low Power Selection(VHF:5W/1W UHF4W/1W)
main function Add Scanning Channel
main function Multi Scan Mode (TO/CO/SE)
main function VOX Transmission(Level Adjustable)
main function Transmit Overtime Voice Prompt
main function Begin/End Transmitting BEEP Prompt
main function Program By Computer
main function Wire Clone Function
main function Superheterodyne Receiver Type
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Frequency Range Can Be Suitable For Different Countries or Areas
136-174&216-280MHz (RX/TX)
136-174&350-470MHz (RX/TX)
136-174&400-480MHz (RX/TX)
136-174&420-520MHz (RX/TX)
144-146&430-440MHz (RX/TX)
144-148&222-225MHz (RX/TX)
66-88&136-174MHz (RX/TX)
66-88&400-480MHz (RX/TX)
FM: 76-108MHz (RX)
Memory Channels 16 channels
Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm
Operating Voltage 7.4V
Operating Temperature  -30℃~+60℃
Waterproof IP 55
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Dimension 61x121x37.5(mm)
Weight 228g
Sensitivity (12dB SINAD) 0.16µV
Squelch Rejection Sensitivity ≤0.8µV
Squelch Sensitivity ≤0.2µV
Audio Output power 500mW
Audio Distortion ≤5%
Audio Response (300-3000Hz)  +1 to -3dB
Co-channel Rejection ≥-8.0dB
Performance of Amplitude Limiter ≤3
Adjacent Channel Selection Channel Space: 25KHz  ≥70 dB
Channel Space: 12.5KHz  ≥60 dB
Inter-modulation ≥65 dB
Resistance ≥84 dB
Spurious Radiation 9KHz-1GHz≤-57dBm
Frequency Stability ±2.5PPM
RF Carrier Power UHF: 4W VHF: 5W
Effective Radiation Power (ERP) within pre-determined value ±7.5dB
Max. Frequency Deviation Channel Space: 25KHz  ±5KHz
Channel Space: 12.5KHz ±2.5KHz
Audio Modulation +3dB (pre-emphasis by 6dB between 0.3-3KHz)
Adjacent Channel Power Channel Space: 25KHz  ≥70 dB
Channel Space: 12.5KHz  ≥60 dB
Spurious Radiation ≤-36dBm
Inter modulation Attenuation ≥40dB
Modulation Distortion ≤10%
Residual FM ≤-35dB
Residual AM ≤3%
uva1 accessory
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